Shattered Schedule!

posted by CrosEL on 4th Oct 2019, 10:10 PM

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Alright... Um.. as you might or might not have noticed: I've been uploading every 2 weeks instead of every one. This' because of the sheer amount of crap that happens when I'm trying to work! And as of late: the USB port's fucked up... so now I'm unsure if I'd even be able to use my tablet/finish UBERNATURA so I've been planning a emergency ending, which I MIGHT do soon... So for now, if you're enjoying the comic/about to enjoy: uploads are whenever!


For real???

posted by CrosEL on 4th Mar 2019, 10:44 AM

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Alright, believe it or not... I was a back on track, by the the time you see this: hopefully I'll be far along with UBERNATURA but at the moment... The charger cord broke, so I'm unable to safely continue the Macdonald's Arc. It was funn AF too! But, yeah... If you're readng this today-near future... The comic's only 2 Arcs long.... I unfortunately might have to use my back-up, which includes somehow showing the side story here... I'm unsure how, as there's no way to include another Archive and having the back-up on a alternate page, might get overlooked... I have no way of directly posting the Main Comic or sucessfuly uploading the Back-up now... so... I'm stuck at the moment: which why I'm planning on going through with the Novella, until I have time to do more (Probably somewhat useless) pages for the Back-up... Hopefully, the Novella is looked at: inspite of being on a alternate page too: the appeal of reading something that apparently looks arocious MIGHT help? The back-up comic doesn't look different from the main, in terms of style... only the story's significantly different. The Novella's closer, but... one might miss the badssery I DID do in the main comic! Hopefully, next Blog will be me moved into a better place, with a work-space and having gotten FAR ahead of where I am, now!


I'm back!!!

posted by CrosEL on 11th Nov 2018, 2:25 PM

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Hahahahaha! I'm back all you naysayers! Everybody who thought it was alright to leave this to die, or thought I wouldn't be back! I officially posted another chapter as of 11-11-2018!!! I'm using  my cracked tablet to continue chapters and will try to post every sunday like before! Hopefully the few tricks I learned during the hiatus, helps out during the rest of this!


And I hope I can control my urge to post the Ubernatura spin-offs I thought of while I was inexornably tormented during the wait... UBERHELL, UBERCELERITA and UBERVIR must wait until I'm done with the original story... Well, celerita will be uploaded everytime I can't do the normal comic. I still need a better way to show it here than copy/pasting to the Extra-Pages...


Hope you enjoy UBERNATURA :D


posted by CrosEL on 17th Oct 2018, 8:40 PM

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Due to a horrific realization:  I MIGHT NOT be able to do the Comic normally, I'll either hafta wait until I get a set up, or start completing the comic using my 3DS. At the moment, I REALLY need 2 archives or to alter the Extra Pages. If you have any suggestions, please help! - ILL- ROW-ny&pk_kwd=today horoscopes&


posted by CrosEL on 19th Sep 2018, 10:04 PM

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I got advice to try this from someone: Hopefully it works! Better yet, I get a better work-space to do the real thing!

Can't give...

posted by CrosEL on 15th Sep 2018, 3:16 PM

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Finally! I KINDA have a new schedule, though I'm unsure how this'll go. For the moment, I'm doing a miniseries entitled: UBERCELERITAS. Which a Abridged version of the comic. (You'll see why I'm against me using handwriting in my comic, lol!) For this, the 1st Arc and possibly beyond will be shown, based on how long it takes for me to get a better decive and workspace (I'm surprised I'm able to even set this up!) After I get set up decently, I'll have detailed pages instead. This is all ONLY until I can start the main-series, and while I'm on hiatus! I hate waiting up until the piont, so this will at least add something to the series! 

I'm hoping this is fun, and possibly explains different situations. Mostly, it's also for my original plans surrounding Ubernatura, and will have a more relaxed atmosphere compared to what I planned on showing.

I'm apologize again for the page sizes and letters, for this moment: 9-15-2018, I'm only posting a link to the site I'm making pages for. I'm planning oncoming back later (If things don't go positive before then) and fixing up the pages and uploading them seperately, but until that moment, you'll need to go to another site and down the list, to find start from the beginning, there's no Opening-Ending either, and each chapter runs into the other. Please try to understand I'm in a very shitty area, butAM planning on doing better!

Move On...

posted by CrosEL on 22nd Aug 2018, 8:42 PM

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Since I've been away, I've been trying to find something to do for UBERNATURA since it's been frozen too long... And after asking for help, giving a reason WHY I needed help, being tongue lashed/ridiculed for that reason and hated.... I finally decided on 2 ideas!


UBERABRIDGED OR UBERHELL!  Both of these are short series that are possible to do, until I get a new windows tablet. (I had a alternate idea too, if these don't work out...) Hopefully, I get votes and money so I can at very least start this instead of watching people do stupid stuff... (It's more fun to write about them, lol!) I honestly hope this works out until the series can start again!

Forced Hiatus2 >:(

posted by CrosEL on 18th Aug 2018, 10:21 AM

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This one sucks HARD!!! My tablet's been off for going on 2 weeks. And I'm unable to continue at the moment. It's 8-18-2018 and I at very least have a "partner" helping me, via resizing my strips (Thanks BeeMKay!) But... I'm no longer able to upload nor create more strips, thanks to my device's shutting off. At this point I'm looking for a new/simple tablet, and... for a way to still do SOMETHING for UBERNATURA. At the moment, I'm concentrating more on the "find hardware" part, as I got "advice" saying to keep the hiatus up and don't add none, straight-up comic strips to the comic. But... Hiatus sucks! I assume few MIGHT be for a good reason, but everything I saw usually ended in their "hiatus"! I really don't wanna seem lazy, nor look like I'm using my tablet shutting off as a excuse... So... I'm constantly planning, praying, seeing and feeling the future for when this can be worked on again and gets famous! For now, PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND I HATE it, by no means am I casually putting this up because I'm lazy, or uninterested: as SOON as I get my chance, I'm going full power again!

As of 8-20-2018... I learned my pages were resized up to a certain point by BeeMKay, but the same person was upset at my posting about wanting to keep up, despite my device being down. My view on taking this hiatus is very grim because I have no followers at the moment... so, they and some other guy was saying I was being cold about this. I almosted posted this, but I knew nobody would read it in the thread: "If anyone else read this, at this point: EVERYTHING SUCKS! I wouldn't of responded if the last paragraph wasn't soley from the writer's shoes. I know people work hard, and I know alot of fans don't care... But, I got tongue lashed for asking for help in upholding my own standards... No seriously, I don't want to hiatus: and expect people in better positions to be consistent too!" This would've been the last thing said, but... I posted here to show why I'm upset. Right now: I HAVE the energy, and the drive to do this. I take strategic breaks to keep from fatigue: if I believe I couldn't do this, I wouldn't of went this far. I NEED to be able to do this, and fulfill the vision! But it's hard to move ahead when people are saying you're wrong for wanting to achieve dreams and being disappointed in people who spoil others'...


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